Our outdoor furniture is crafted from European white oak from Croatia. White oak from this region has a particularly high tannin content which naturally protects the wood from rot, making it particularly suitable for outdoor furniture. Oak has great density, outstanding durability and simple, understated beauty. We finish the timber with a black oil finish which darkens the grain and deepens the tone of the wood while providing water-repellant protection and a renewable surface for enduring beauty. Wood furniture used outdoors will age and adopt a beautiful silver grey/dark grey patina over time. Damage can be repaired with relative ease, as the timber can be reapplied with outdoor black oil at any moment. We recommend you use only products supplied or approved by De La Espada. NOTE: The black oil used on our outdoor furniture is different from the black oil used on our indoor furniture and it is important to always use the correct oil. Never mix indoor and outdoor care products.

For daily maintenance, use a damp cloth with clean water, wiping down the whole surface as one, following the grain direction. Any spillages should be wiped clean immediately. Do not use spirits, bleaches or any other chemical cleaners to clean the timber.

For deeper cleaning, to remove dust, and discourage fungus build up, use an Outdoor Care Kit supplied by De La Espada. First, wipe the wood surface with a clean cloth or natural bristle brush to remove any dust or dirt, always following the grain direction. Next, shake the bottle of Outdoor Wood Cleaner then spray it generously onto the wood surface. Using a microfibre cloth, wipe the entire surface as one while following the grain direction. Allow the surface to dry for approximately 30 minutes before using. To protect against fungus build up in inclement weather, we recommend reapplying the Outdoor Wood Cleaner regularly.

For long-term general maintenance, and to build up the timber’s resistance to water, periodic reapplication of outdoor black oil is required. The furniture should be oiled once every six months to a year, depending on the climate, and should always be oiled in the shade on a dry day with a minimum temperature of 5°C (41°F). First, using a natural bristle brush, clean the surface by brushing in the direction of the wood grain. Should you wish to remove any stains, follow the relevant cleaning advice above then allow the surface to dry naturally for 24 hours. Once the surface is fully dry, apply outdoor black oil supplied by De La Espada. The application procedure is the same as for our indoor furniture, but remember that it is important to always use the black oil specific to our outdoor furniture. Please view the black oiled furniture care film for more information.

Wood furniture used outdoors will age and adopt a beautiful silver grey/dark grey patina over time. This is a natural part of the life of your outdoor furniture, and the tannins in the oak will ensure the furniture thrives outdoors for years to come.

Should you wish to remove the natural patina and restore the original appearance of the finish, or should you have a build up of mould growth that requires removal, the Outdoor Restoration Kit supplied by De La Espada should be used. This kit will remove the grey patina as well as fungus and dirt and will add a layer of protection. We recommend performing the following procedure on a humid day, so the wood can dry out slowly while maintaining the moisture balance in the wood. First, rinse the wooden surface using a garden hose. Next, spray the Outdoor Wood Restorer generously onto the surface of the wood and give it a couple of minutes to react with the surface. Using the natural bristle brush supplied by De La Espada, rub the Outdoor Wood Restorer into the wood across the entire surface, following the grain direction, until it is clean. This process will create foam. For more difficult stains, repeat the treatment. Do not let the foam dry. Once the surface is clean, rinse the surface thoroughly using a garden hose. Wipe away excess water with a clean, dry cloth then allow the surface to dry naturally, which should take approximately 24 hours. Once the surface is completely dry, apply outdoor black oil supplied by De La Espada, following the procedure in the black oiled furniture care film. Note that in wet weather, mould may appear quickly and may require removal with the Outdoor Wood Restorer every one to two months using the above procedure. While this procedure removes the patina, the patina will return with time, until the above procedure is followed again.

Wood is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs and releases moisture in response to its environment, throughout its life. When conditions are dry, which can be in any season, cracks may appear in your oak furniture. These may be up to 1mm wide and, in most cases, up to 10-20mm long, and will be visible on the ends of planks or chair components. These cracks are a natural response of the oak to its environment and, when conditions become more humid, the cracks will close. Our outdoor furniture has been engineered to allow for changes to the timber’s dimensions, including both swelling and cracking, so the cracks will not affect the structural integrity of the furniture.

Some tannins will wash out of oak furniture in wet conditions. When this occurs, the tannins may leave a rust-coloured residue either around the feet of the furniture or on the floor itself when the water evaporates. These marks may be washed away with the rain, and are otherwise easy to clean with a damp cloth. But should you find the stains are more stubborn, contact De La Espada for a recommended cleaning product.

We recommend that you keep your furniture on a hard surface, such as decking, to minimise water build up around the legs of the furniture. Additionally, in inclement weather, leaning the furniture at a tilt will allow water to more easily drain away from the surface. When the furniture is not in use for long periods of time and the weather is inclement, you may wish to cover your furniture with a breathable cover, leaving a gap at the bottom, which will protect your furniture from the weather while allowing it to breathe so as not to promote mould growth.

For guidance on repairs, sanding, and reapplying oil, refer to the black oil instructions in our care film, and in our Looking After Your Furniture care pack. Note that these instructions are specific to our indoor furniture, but the procedures for sanding and reapplying oil are the same for outdoor furniture, as long as you are using our outdoor-specific black oil supplied by De La Espada.