JUNE 2020

Tales From Strange Times is visual journey exploring our shared experiences of lockdown, the objects of meaning in our lives, and new De La Espada products for the home. Throughout six episodes, a domestic cat, a creature averse to change yet highly adaptable, guides us through animated scenes of daily life, altered reality, and imagination, keeping us company while we explore the new “places” within our home.

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Our homes have become the centre of our lives, and our attention has been turned toward shaping them in our ideal vision. They have become a place to create a new reality, full of colour, furniture, art, and all we collect and value.


A Place to Fit the Day | Tales From Strange Times

The challenge of fitting our once sprawling territories within our homes becomes easier when the objects that surround us help us reimagine time and space.
A long table used to welcome guests for a meal suddenly becomes a home within a home. Not only do we work, but we play, we learn, we set up small workshops and obviously eat and drink around a table that seems to go on forever, as long as the days merging one into the other.
Introducing Table One designed by Manuel Aires Mateus. Crafted from Douglas Fir grown in France, at 380cm | 149 ⅔” in length, the tabletop is made from just two astonishingly proportioned planks. The launch product from our first Portuguese design partner.


A Place to Reflect on Our Journey| Tales From Strange Times

Collecting masks sourced from all over the world, we slowly discover that a new set of masks has become an essential part of daily life. As we continue to chart our life’s journey, Solo Vitrine has grown to accommodate more of the objects that hold meaning for us and that tell us stories every time we interact with them.
Introducing Solo Tall Vitrine designed by Neri & Hu. The perfect and graceful companion to its smaller sibling launched in 2018, impressive in scale yet visually light. A place to reflect on our journey through our objects with meaning.


A Place to Daydream| Tales From Strange Times

Sofa Eight, once a single size, escapes the confines of its initial form in a daydream, enjoying the outdoors while imagining new possibilities. Through imagination, it brings to life a new reality as a modular sofa with endless possible configurations.
Introducing Sofa Eight Modular designed by Neri&Hu. Launched in 2017 in one standard size, Sofa Eight has grown into a modular system that allows for infinite arrangements and configurations.


A Place to Celebrate | Tales From Strange Times

Music and dance, whether as an escape or a celebration, provide us with the most universal, accessible and powerful form of transcendence of reality's limitations.
As we try to establish new landscapes within our home we move pieces from left to right, ridding of the static nature of our space. At night, our furniture comes to life for a moment of unabated joy with the new Solo Cabinets as the star of the show.
Introducing new Solo Cabinets designed by Neri&Hu. The redesigned and expanded family of Solo Cabinets now includes three sizes, with two- and four-door versions and various storage configurations.


A Place to Rise | Tales From Strange Times

As we start to head out into the world after the lockdown and recreate some habits that faded away, we are reminded that there is only permanence in change and that life itself cannot be held back from its momentum and purposes.

The three months of slumber that many of us have experienced ends with the rising dawn. It is time to wake up and, as we hit snooze on the alarm clock resting on Solo Bedside Chest, our cat shakes us awake. Now it is time for a little more space and freedom.

Introducing Solo Bedside Chest designed by Neri&Hu. A perfect companion for the Solo Bed.