Our curly wool sheepskin is durable and luxuriously soft. The 12mm wool height provides sumptuous depth while allowing for clean contours on our upholstered furniture. The visual depth is enhanced by the subtle variation between the highlighted tips and darker base.

This material is scarce as the hides are small and, while they vary in quality, only the best quality hides are chosen before being expertly stitched together by our supplier in Sweden. This scarcity affects our manufacturing lead time, so products purchased in Curly Sheepskin will always have extended lead times.

Curly Sheepskin is only available on select products, as it behaves differently from leather and most textiles in terms of elasticity which affects how it is applied to different shapes. Curly Sheepskin is currently available for the following products:

Capo Lounge Armchair
Capo Lounge Chair
Cursa Lounge Chair
Elysia Lounge Chair
Nino Ottoman
Saia Lounge Chair
Sela Lounge Chair with Narrow Arms
Sela Lounge Chair with Wide Arms
Solo Lounge Chair
Solo Ottoman

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