The De La Espada factory is located near the Silver Coast in Portugal. The unique landscape surrounding the factory includes beautiful remote beaches, lush forest and rich agriculture.

A leading modern woodworker, our roots are in solid wood furniture manufacture. Our highly skilled craftspeople combine noble materials, traditional joinery, handcraft and advanced technology to realise each design to the highest standard.  Our expertise harnesses traditional woodworking wisdom, while innovating to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with solid wood.

An affinity for small production batches creates an industry laboratory, where a willingness to experiment combined with a deep understanding of manufacture allows for unrivalled innovation and prolificity.

Traditional, time-tested construction includes joinery: mortise and tenon, dovetail, lap, and wedge tenon. Long grain to long grain connections combined with wood glue that seeps deep within the timber creates an exceptionally strong connection.

CNC machinery is used for increased efficiency in repeat operations. This machinery distills the knowledge of our carpenters, product development, and technical teams into one place. Even after the CNC is programmed (which can take as long as building a complete piece by hand), the watchful eye of a skilled craftsperson/technician ensures that each unique piece of timber is machined in a way that maximises its structural integrity.