De La Espada: A New Way of Working

One of the world's absolute luxury woodworkers, we partner in a unique manner with furniture designers in the vanguard of the industry. Created through a rigorous process of industrial design, our furniture reflects contemporary taste in leading cities around the world. With our own production on the Portuguese Atlantic coast, we deliver the highest level of European craftsmanship.

  1. At our annual exhibition in January 2015, De La Espada took a leap forwards expressing our ideals and objectives with greater clarity than ever before. 

  2. Four creative forces from four corners of the world each presented an apartment, containing a place to sleep, a place to have meals and a place to rest.

  3. Our homepage is dedicated to the twenty new products and four domestic settings presented at Maison et Objet.

  4. All of our design partners marry industrial design with a humanistic approach, promoting the wellbeing of the occupants of any space.