Woods Quay

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Woods’ Silver Fleet comprises three luxury ‘river yachts’ in London for private events. Their new home on the Thames, Woods Quay, offers private charter guests a place to eat, drink, and relax while overlooking the stunning London riverscape, an inspiring passage to their awaiting boat.

Designed by Kate Woods, the building offers guests an immediate connection to the river upon entry with its open fronted reception space. Guests can enjoy the fresh air of the sheltered deck or retreat to two enclosed lounges that maintain the open feeling with glass walls and unobstructed views. Materials and colours draw from the location: terrazzo floors reflect the river’s shingle banks; a colour palette of natural greys, greens, and browns recalls the deep green, verdigris and granite grey of the embankment; and matte brass, steel, canvas and oak envelop the decks.

The enclosed lounge spaces include Saia Dining Chair, Saia Bar Stool, Welles Table, and McQueen Sofa, all designed by Matthew Hilton and crafted by De La Espada.

Photo credit: Dan Glasser

Featured Products

Saia is a family of upholstered shell seating for residential or contract use. The upholstery was designed to be made in two parts to create visual levity and to allow the seating to be upholstered in a single material or a combination of two. The proportions were carefully considered for ergonomics, beauty, and performance in a variety of environments.

Matthew Hilton designs furniture to last a lifetime, choosing robust materials, and applying a meticulous attention to detail for beauty from every angle.

Saia is an upholstered shell chair with a wooden leg. Designed for contract use, the pared down design is made of few components, while maximising comfort and durability. The proportions were carefully considered for ergonomics, beauty, and performance in a variety of environments.

Originally released in 2011, McQueen Sofa was re-issued in 2017 completely re-engineered for outstanding comfort and inviting proportions. Robust cast iron legs are a beautiful contrast to the luxurious upholstery. 

Welles table makes generous use of solid wood with an elegantly simple form. The tabletop, detailed with a central divide and angled edges, is set upon cast iron legs. This table is quietly functional while remaining approachable and appealing to the senses.