Notting Hill Residence

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Notting Hill Residence, located in west London, features interior design by Designed by Woulfe. A considered use of colour and soft textures combined with a focus on curvaceous, round shapes, creates an inviting warmth, while a thoughtful approach to defining and maximising space creates a robust functionality. The use of natural materials and neutral colours is punctuated by bursts of colour, which, combined with the use of repeated pattern, creates a fluidity throughout the interlocking rooms. Drape Desk and Capo Dining Armchair designed by Neri&Hu and crafted by De La Espada feature in the home office.

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Drape Desk provides visual expression through thoughtful design: the tabletop is articulated as a “drape” that falls over the table legs, lending a sense of continuity to the silhouette. Two drawers tucked underneath run the length of the table. On the back, a flip down door reveals cable management.

The Capo series was initially designed for the Italian restaurant Capo in Shanghai, where the interior design concept was based on a basilica and possessed an old world charm of masonry enclosure appointed with handsomely crafted detailing. The chair series also takes on those qualities of heritage, where the simple and modern form is enriched with tailoring details that evoke old-world sensibilities.

The Capo is a well-balanced equilibrium between sophistication and utility, between classic and contemporary aesthetic.