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Istanbul Suites is a luxury hotel designed by Autoban, located in the Cihangir neighbourhood of Istanbul. Through the windows, you can view the entire historic quarter, including Topkapi Palace, Galata Tower and the big mosques in Sultanahmet. Keeping a modernist approach, the sandstone facade of the building was inspired by the imposing appearance of the Tophane-i Amire Building at the end of the street. The long windows and French balconies of Istanbul Suites reflect the architectural style of the Italian Hospital just opposite the hotel.

Each room was designed as one open plan space where you can eat, rest and sleep. Laser cut wood or iron create layered patterns, and combine with existing Autoban furniture. Some of the furniture has been adapted to the hotel concept. The bathroom walls are made of traditional Marmara marble which is the main material in the Ottoman architectural style. The whole ambiance provides a unique experience where the visitors can broaden their horizons and breathe Istanbul.

The hotel includes Box Sofa and Suite Bed designed by Autoban and crafted by De La Espada.

Istanbul Suites

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Box Sofa, inspired by the 1950’s modernist movement, has the pure shape of a box. The inner face of the solid wood form offers refined comfort with crisp upholstery and classic tuft detailing. The four supporting legs appear to be impossibly slender, creating a stunning profile.