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Gaspar is a restaurant located in a building in Karakoy which was a printing house for nearly a century. Designed by Autoban, the interior reinterprets the comfort of a classic bistro, using humble materials inspired by the streets of Karakoy. The design references the concept of "Cabinet of Curiosities", an idea which flourished in Europe during the 16th century. A collection of interesting and thought provoking "types of objects whose categorical boundaries are yet to be defined" are arranged using the "Knolling" method - grouping the objects in parallel and at right angles as visualised through the plywood surfaces throughout the space. Sledge Blind-Tufted, designed by Autoban and manufactured by De La Espada, is used in the lounge area next to the dining room.

Photo credit: Sergio Ghetti

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Once again, Autoban draws inspiration from childhood memories to great effect. This generously proportioned lounge chair reminds us of playing outside on snowy winter days, while offering itself as the cosy refuge indoors. Sledge Blind-tufted offers a deep, blind-tufted cushion for extra comfort.