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Spotlight no.166
Spotlight no.166

In this issue we announce our second rentable holiday home in Porto, the arrival of the print edition of Lookbook Vol. II, and our plans for London Design Festival. We also highlight the design of Capo Series by Neri&Hu, and the work of a member of our sanding team.

We focus on the key pieces of furniture for the home: a place to eat, rest, sleep, and work.

Above image: Capo Breakfast Bar Stool by Neri&Hu photographed by Yuki Sugiura at Red House.

De La Espada Holiday Home in Porto

The second De La Espada home at Flattered Apartments Porto is now open. Created in partnership with Flattered, this rentable holiday home combines their thoughtful hospitality with furniture made just an hour’s drive away at the De La Espada factory in Mira: Neri&Hu designs in the sea-facing home, and a combination of Studioilse, Luca Nichetto, Matthew Hilton, Autoban, and Neri&Hu designs in the city-facing. Styling by De La Espada completes each space, with accessories carefully chosen from designers and manufacturers worldwide.

Photo credit: Carlos Teixeira

Print release: Lookbook Volume II

De La Espada Lookbook Volume II is now available in print. Shot on location in Portugal, our furniture is captured in architectural projects by Manuel Aires Mateus in Lisbon, and EXTRASTUDIO in Azeitão. Written features include designer and architect interviews, woodcraft, and projects. Please contact us to receive a print copy, or download here.

Above image: Spread from Lookbook Volume II with Orson Desk and Porto Chair by Matthew Hilton photographed by Yuki Sugiura at Santa Clara 1728 in Lisbon

London Design Festival 2017

For London Design Festival 2017, McQueen Bed, designed by Matthew Hilton and crafted by De La Espada, is at the centre of a special installation at Tracey Neuls Marylebone, which sees the shoe boutique transformed into a bedroom interior. Tracey Neuls' Autumn Winter’17 collection launches at the event, suspended above the bed in the space of a dreaming mind. 

Reflecting an approach to design and craft shared with De La Espada and Matthew Hilton, shoe designer Tracey Neuls creates contemporary products informed by function, meticulous detailing, tactile materials that improve with age, and the mark of a skilled craftsperson. 

Above image: McQueen Bed and McQueen Bedside Chest by Matthew Hilton, photographed by Yuki Sugiura.

Focus: Capo Series by Neri&Hu

Capo Dining Chair is part of the Capo series by Neri&Hu that includes an armchair (pictured above), armless chair (as seen at Flattered Apartments Porto), lounge chair, bar stool, and bed. The Capo series was initially designed for the Italian restaurant Capo in Shanghai, where the interior design concept was based on a basilica and possessed an old world charm of masonry enclosure appointed with handsomely crafted detailing. The chair series also takes on those qualities of heritage, where the simple and modern form is enriched with tailoring details that evoke old-world sensibilities, including the belted leather strap arm on the armchairs.

Craft: Sanding - Zaida

Zaida is a member of the sanding team at the De La Espada factory. Her methodical approach to her craft and skilled execution reflect her 23 years’ experience in her field. She uses a variety of sanding tools to soften edges, finesse connection points, and create the silky tactility associated with our furniture. She must sand every item by hand, working evenly across every contour in our diverse product range. As she works, she refines the shape and rectifies any undulations in the surface which may have occurred from rough sanding during assembly.

She most enjoys working on Nest Lounge Chair by Autoban, which is challenging due to its numerous intersecting parts, each of which must be sanded on every face, edge, and seam. The process is slow and deliberate, requiring a systematic process to ensure no part is overlooked. It takes approximately 6 hours to sand the Nest Lounge Chair before it is sent to the painting department, and fine sanding is required between each of the three coats of paint. It is essential that every aspect has been sanded evenly, as the first coat of paint will reveal any inconsistencies. Zaida’s expertise ensures that our finishing department is able to achieve the luxurious finish expected of De La Espada furniture.

When she isn’t working, Zaida likes to go on quiet trips with her family, taking advantage of the varied landscape around her: relaxing on the beach or picnicking in the forest.

Above image: Zaida with Nest Lounge Chair. Photo by Carlos Teixeira.


Recent press includes:

  • Wallpaper* magazine featured a Lake Tahoe home with Solo Dining Chair by Neri&Hu, and included Neri&Hu's Trio Console Table in the Wallpaper* Composed project in Manchester

  • Residence magazine featured Matthew Hilton products Colombo Dining Armchair, I-Beam Side Table, Light Table, and Fin Dining Chair

  • House and Garden featured the home of Bella Huddart which includes Light Table by Matthew Hilton

  • Elle Decoration included Matthew Hilton and Ilse Crawford on their Great Big Britlist along with recent work


Spotlight no.166


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