Quarry are turned, thin-walled marble pendant lights with roughly finished interior, to add texture and describe the story of stone production. Quarry utilises the marble’s translucent properties to diffuse the light and reveal its veining.  Designed by Benjamin Hubert and manufactured by De La Espada for the Benjamin Hubert brand.


674S narrow
d.9cm x h.26cm
d.3 1/2" x h.10 1/4"
cable length 180cm | 70 7/8"

674M medium
d.16cm x h.24.5cm
d.6 2/7" x h.9 2/3"
cable length 175cm | 69"

674L wide
d.28cm x h.23cm
d.11 1/8" x h.9 1/8"
cable length 175cm | 69"


Available in white marble with an LED light source. Adjustable cable length using locking mechanism located in canopy. Canopy measures 15cm (6") in diameter on 674M and 674L and 9.5cm (3 3/4") diameter on 674S. Each manufacturing batch of LEDs is subject to minute variation in colour temperature. Fixture weights: 674S- 2.5kg/5.5lbs, 674M- 4.5kg/10lbs, 674L- 6.8kg/15lbs Download LED Notes. Assembly: Quarry Installation