Upholstery Craft

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De La Espada upholstery is characterised by carefully selected luxury fabrics, neat stitching, superior comfort and exceptional workmanship. Our upholsterers take intelligent decisions at every step of the process to produce the best results, responding to the demands of each design, and the unique properties of each fabric.

Our products are upholstered in-house, under the same roof as our woodworking facilities. This is conducive to effective product development: fluid conversation between departments means our team is better able to refine build quality and improve detailing. We place enormous value on comfort, and use the materials best suited to each design to achieve the result that is both the most aesthetically pleasing and deeply embracing. Webbing, feathers, Dacron, and various foams: memory, cold cured, and differing densities of hand-layered are all used, followed by premium fabric.

The upholstery fabric is cut into a variety of shapes which are sewn together to fit neatly on the product’s frame. A set of templates guides the cutting of these shapes. Each product can easily have several different sets of templates to accommodate the characteristics of different upholstery fabrics such as the texture, pattern, and stretch.

Our master upholsterer supervises a team of skilled seamstresses and upholstery assistants and personally vets every upholstered item before it leaves the factory, ensuring exceptionally high standards.