Summer 2017 Photoshoot at Red House

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For our Summer 2017 photoshoot, we journeyed to the village of Azeitão, south of Lisbon to Red House, a single-family residence designed by EXTRASTUDIO with landscape by Oficina dos Jardins. Housed in a former winery, the design breathes new life into the existing structure while preserving the land’s orange orchard. Though two façades are windowless, the house connects interior and exterior spaces through quietly effective interventions: a courtyard that brings light into the darkest part of the house, and fourteen metres of sliding windows opening onto the garden. Reflected onto the mirrored walls inside, the garden is present indoors even when the windows are closed. A reflection pool tempts an outdoor swim among the fragrant fruit trees.

This contemporary home makes use of all original materials: the old roof tiles were reused, stone was transformed into sills, and the timber roof structure became an exterior deck. The red exterior, for which the house is named, was achieved by adding a natural red pigment to the mortar, allowing the house to age gradually without ever requiring a coat of paint. The colour reacts to the environment, becoming lighter or darker depending on the humidity.

A perfect companion for De La Espada furniture, Red House is sensitive to the passage of time and locality, firmly Portuguese with a universal appeal.

Above image: Sofa Eight, Zhuzi Table, and Lianou Stool by Neri&Hu

Photo credit: Yuki Sugiura


Eleanor Pritchard, Broadchalke blanket
Jennifer Manners, Silver Birch rug
Kalmar Werkstätten, Hase TL, Billy TL, Kilo BL and Dreistelz lamps
nanimarquina, Estambul and Chilida Figura Humana and Tres Stripes Black rugs
Volga Linen, Bed linen
Catarina Riccabona, Yellow and white striped throw
Larusi, Reversible 'Salmon/Bark" bed throw and Linen napkin
Makers & Brothers, Glass tumblers, jugs, and candlesticks
Jo Waterhouse, Wall hangings
Stuart Carey at Contemporary Applied Arts, Ceramics
Kasthall, Trippel rug
David Mellor, Wooden bowls

Styling by De La Espada and Alexander Breeze

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View image of Summer 2017 Photoshoot at Red House

Solo Oblong Table, Solo Dining Chair, and Lattice light

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View image of Summer 2017 Photoshoot at Red House

Armstrong 2-Seater Sofa, Armstrong Armchair, Armstrong Coffee Table, and Pole Light

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View image of Summer 2017 Photoshoot at Red House

Hepburn Bed, Hepburn Side Table, Mira Lounge Chair & Ottoman, and I-Beam Side Table