Studioilse photographed at Casa da Escrita

Enlarge image View image of Studioilse photographed at Casa da Escrita

We chose a very special location for the Studioilse photoshoot in late 2015, Casa da Escrita in Coimbra, Portugal. Formerly known as Casa do Arco and residence of the late poet João Cochofel, Casa da Escrita was refurbished in 2010 by architect João Mendes Ribeiro, and repurposed as a space for writing events and a temporary residence for practicing writers. The refurbishment was sensitive to the historic features of the building, preserving elements such as decorative ceilings and corniced walls, while simplifying the living spaces, adding flexibility, and bringing a warm, functional modernity.

Located near to the De La Espada factory, Casa da Escrita communicates a shared heritage, as well as aligned values: real, tactile materials, pared down forms, and the transformative power of design.

Above image: Together Wide Extending Table, Two-Seater Bench with Back, Bench, and Stool, all by Studioilse

Photo credit: Yuki Sugiura

With thanks to:
Wästberg, lamp by Studioilse