Stockholm Design Week 2018

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For Stockholm Design Week, we presented ‘Let’s Pretend This Never Happened’ — an event that combined furniture design, drama, sound and music, within the intimate setting of a Stockholm home once owned by the manager of ABBA.

A new collaboration between De La Espada and Brooklyn-based industrial designer Jason Miller launched at the event with the introduction of five new products. Further product launches included new designs by Neri&Hu, Matthew Hilton, and Luca Nichetto.

The total of fourteen new furniture designs were presented through a performance by two actors, Fernando Nobre and Vania Rovisco, with a specially written storyboard designed to celebrate the pieces and bring them to life.

Created by Studio Astolfi, the interactive theatrical event encouraged guests to engage with the furniture and one another with scenes that were joyful, reflective, and emotional in turn.

View films capturing scenes from the performance on Vimeo here: White Sheets, Typewriter

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“The experience, by its conclusion, had a near-magical effect: Even the most uptight, jaded journalists and style-setters... were, by the show’s end, completely entranced, eager to grasp hands with strangers and dance to blasting music or stroke the grain of a table as instructed by the performance’s charismatic actor and de facto master of ceremonies,” Architectural Digest.

“New furniture and a very emotional art performance by De La Espada. The most interesting, poetic and touching I’ve experienced in connection with a furniture launch!” Charlotte Ravnholt, Bo Bedre.

“Once intimate and interactive, the emotional presentation felt like witnessing someone else’s private life. Or being a part of it. What makes it unique is that the performance brings the furniture to life, instead of taking it out of context as in usual presentations. It brings us to the very heart of the home, where furniture is ultimately used. It also makes one think of the intimacy of the spaces we inhabit, and the special moments that happen in our everyday lives,” Trend Tablet.

“Beautiful, powerful, and effective when the Portuguese furniture company De La Espada presents emotions, actors and furniture before an audience. How can furniture or a design object play a real role in our lives? Many businesses focus on storytelling, but not everyone is able to create a story that is deeply touching. One who has succeeded, and in so doing takes inspiration to new artistic heights, is Portuguese family-run company De La Espada, which launched its new furniture collection during the Stockholm Design Week in February,” RUM Design.

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Performance images and film by Yves Callewaert

Exhibition images by Fredrik Sweger