September 10-14: De La Espada London Residence

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De La Espada founders, Fatima De La Espada and Luis De Oliveira, opened the doors to their west London home in September 2019 to foster discussions about subjects that matter.

They hosted a diverse and thoughtful range of lectures exploring concepts around craft, the meaning of the objects and concepts that surround us, and the importance of challenging ourselves to take action.

The home features furniture by Neri&Hu, Luca Nichetto, Matthew Hilton, and Studioilse.

Leyla Acaroglu
Johanna Agerman Ross
Jonas Krüger
Beatrice Leanza
Riya Patel
Catharine Rossi
Sabine Zetteler

Confronting the truth
Grasping the true meaning of what surrounds us
Challenging ourselves to take action
Preparing for the future

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“What we are trying to do through this cycle of lectures is to take the intimacy and honesty that we associate with the home to host a number of speakers who will encourage us to look at the unvarnished truth, reflect upon this and then help us take action. We aim to promote the meeting point of urgency and intelligence," Luis De Oliveira.

Photo credit: Neni Studio