Podcast: A Place to Talk, Stockholm

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We invite you to listen to our new podcast series, A Place to Talk. With the aim of creating honest, relaxed conversations, De La Espada founder Luis De Oliveira sits down with a wide range of people representing different points of view within the design world.

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Find information on season one part one, set in London, here; and season one part three, set in Lisbon, here.


Episode Seven: Luis sits down with Magnus Wästberg, founder of Swedish lighting company Wästberg. They discuss the importance of finding balance between the technical and the human, and being driven by ideas.

Episode Eight: At his studio in Vasastan, Stockholm, photographer Fredrik Sweger speaks with Luis about his work, and how focusing on the niche of interior photography has helped further his career.

Episode Nine: Luis meets Hanna Nova Beatrice, editor-in-chief of Residence magazine. They look at the changes affecting the world of publishing, and the issues that surround the tide of new products flooding the market.

Episode Ten: Luis meets Annica Eklund, chief creative officer of Swedish brand Bolon. They look at how Annica and her sister Marie reinvented a struggling family business and made vinyl flooring relevant and exciting.

Episode Eleven: Karin Wickberg, chief marketing officer of rug manufacturer Kasthall, speaks to Luis about the struggle for brands to stay relevant today and how marketing should never rest on its laurels.

Episode Twelve: Luis visits Alma, a member's club in the Östermalm neighbourhood of Stockholm, to meet Fredrik Carlström, its co-founder and creative director. They discuss how hard work and taking risks pays off, and how Fredrik's experience in the film industry led him to other ventures.

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Photo credit: Neni Studio