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We invite you to listen to our new podcast series, A Place to Talk. With the aim of creating honest, relaxed conversations, De La Espada founder Luis De Oliveira sits down with a wide range of people representing different points of view within the design world.

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Find information on part two of season one, set in Stockholm, here; and part three of season one, set in Lisbon, here.


Episode One: Luis visits The Conran Shop, London's leading lifestyle retailer, to speak with its creative director, Stephen Briars. Stephen has a background in the world of fashion working for Paul Smith, Louis Vuitton and Urban Outfitters; together he and Luis spent some time looking at how two very different industries can learn from one another.

Episode Two: Luis visits the studio of British industrial designer Matthew Hilton in Crystal Palace, south London. Matthew and his team, Dave Britton and Harry Hasson, discuss the benefits of having worked together for nearly a decade, explore the idea of honesty in design, and describe how they view their role as designers.

Episode Three: Brian Woulfe of interior design firm Designed by Woulfe sits down with Luis in one of his latest projects in London's St John's Wood neighbourhood. He explains how his design process is like a journey he goes on with his clients where he investigates how to deliver a solution tailored to them, and how clients with a Pinterest vision stunt the possibilities.

Episode Four: Deborah Spencer, founder of designjunction, a curated design show with a presence in London, Milan, and New York, discusses with Luis how designjunction disrupted the traditional trade show format, the importance of making connections, and how dyslexia can help with project management.

Episode Five: Oli Stratford, Editor-in-Chief of Disegno magazine, speaks with Luis about the danger in glorifying the past, the way history informs the present, and the limits to design's ability to solve the world's larger problems.

Episode Six: Luis visits the London home of creative entrepreneur Morgwn Rimel. Having spent 7 years as director of The School of Life, Morgwn has dedicated much of her time to exploring themes related to life and the human experience. Her discussion with Luis considers the importance of empathy and the roles of emotional intelligence and self-examination in finding common ground with those with opposing views.

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