Podcast: A Place to Talk, Lisbon

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We invite you to listen to our podcast series, A Place to Talk. With the aim of creating honest, relaxed conversations, De La Espada founder Luis De Oliveira sits down with a wide range of people representing different points of view within the design world.

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Find information on season one part one, set in London, here; and season one part two, set in Stockholm, here.


Episode Thirteen: Luis sits down with Lisbon-based artist, architect and designer, Joana Astolfi. Together with her team at Studio Astolfi, Joana was the creative force behind Let's Pretend This Never Happened, the acclaimed dramatic performance that brought De La Espada furniture to life at special events in Stockholm and Lisbon. Joana discusses her childhood and early professional experience as she sought her unique creative voice.

Episode Fourteen: At his atelier in the Principe Real neighbourhood of Lisbon, Portuguese architect Manuel Aires Mateus sits down with Luis to discuss urban planning in the context of his hometown, a city that has changed greatly over the past few years and continues to evolve. 

Episode Fifteen: Luis meets David Harry Stewart who travelled from LA to meet us in the neighbourhood of Santos in Lisbon. David is the founder of media company AGEIST, which addresses the modern 50+ lifestyle. He shared anecdotes of how society overlooks this group of people, and how AGEIST reframes later life. 

Photo credit: Neni Studio

Manuel Aires Mateus