Film: Factory

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We have opened the doors to our factory for the first time to tell the story of our craft, through the eyes and skilful hand of acclaimed Dutch filmmaker, Juriaan Booij.

Shot on location in Mira, Portugal, the film opens at the Silver Coast, and journeys into the forest to the De La Espada factory. Booij captures the texture and activity of the factory through arresting imagery and a lingering camera lens- the careful study of timber planks, the calculated movements of the CNC machinery, the skilful movements of the craftspersons' hands.

The score by award-winning composer, Andy Simms offers thoughtful, classic instrumentals layered with ambient sounds picked from the factory floor. The clicks of the machinery or the creak of the tightening clamps are repeated to build an engaging rhythm that pulls the viewer closer to the action.

“We were excited when Juriaan, who has filmed a wide range of manufacturing processes, came to our factory. We love how modern craftsmanship is about skilfully blending man with a new generation of machines that are driven by computers...a blend of the analogue and digital worlds,” Luis De Oliveira, Managing Director, De La Espada.