Craft: Sewing - Guida

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Guida has worked at our factory for twenty years in various departments from sanding and finishing to operating the CNC machinery. She has many years of experience making clothing in her own time, and now applies that expertise to her role sewing upholstery.

The technical sensibility and eye for perfection that allowed Guida to excel as a CNC operator are what drive her success on the sewing machine as well. We have high standards for the consistency of our seams, and the often-sculptural forms of our furniture call for a particularly high level of skill, a steady hand, and a great deal of patience.

When working on new designs, our product development team consults Guida and the rest of the sewing team on how to achieve technically challenging stitching, refine patterns, and create features such as intentional creasing. The seamstresses' understanding of the craft allows them to offer solutions that create an optimal final result.

In her free time, Guida tends to the flowers in her garden, and takes great enjoyment in flower arranging, even helping out at her local florist shop for special events. She also sings in a choir that performs in competitions and at weddings.

Photo credit: Carlos Teixeira