Craft: Production

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Paulo is the production manager at the De La Espada factory, organising every stage of manufacture from the raw materials through to final assembly. Working to constantly improve efficiency and productivity, he applies his deep understanding of woodcraft and detailed knowledge of every machine and process in our facility. His management role is supported by his work programming the CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) which defines the tools and processes that must be performed by the CNC (Computerised Numeric Control) machinery. The insight gained by this programming work allows him to optimise even our most advanced manufacturing methods.

Managing an entire team of people and their work expectations requires a sharp focus on detail as well as the bigger picture, profound knowledge of carpentry, and a personable approach to communication as he coordinates efforts with craftspeople in every department. Though the tasks are challenging and varied, Paulo is well-equipped to deliver results due as much to his warm personality as to his extensive experience. He has been an integral part of the factory for 27 years, and has forged many friendships during that time — friendships which extend beyond the factory doors to weekends at the gym, or a catch up while helping each other with home improvements.

Photo credit: Carlos Teixeira