Craft: Product Development

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Andrew, Kuma, Ruben and André form our product development team. They work closely with our collaborating designers as well as our craftspeople, serving as a vital connection between the numerous stages involved in realising a product.

When a designer submits a new design, the product development team must create CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings using the designer sketches or 3D renders as a guide. The team communicates closely with the designer to understand the intricacies of what they wish to achieve, and by combining their own expertise with that of our craftspeople, they articulate the details of the product. They ensure the product fulfils the goal of the designer while optimising it for CAM (Computer Aided Machinery), assembly, and performance.

Implementing their philosophy of constant improvement, the team connects every stage from designer to end client, considering and refining every aspect of a product in response to feedback from those who design and build to the final customer.

Every product is prototyped more than once before the final version is achieved, yet our upholstery is the most demanding, requiring several prototypes to achieve the complexities that can’t be articulated through drawings: comfort and tailoring details. It is not uncommon for an upholstered product to require 5 or more prototypes before being finalised. Elysia Lounge Chair is one such product, with its deep comfort in a refined form, and combination of taut upholstery on the shells and carefully delineated ruche effect on the cushions.

Every member of the product development team cites the variety of the job as the most rewarding: the fact that every designer is different, and every product challenging in a new way. The team is linked not only by their work, but by their free time as well. All enjoy travelling, sports, and applying their design skills in their personal lives, whether through product design or home improvements.

Above image: Our product development team works with Jason Miller on Elliot Dining Table and Chair. Photography by Carlos Teixeira.

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The team works on upholstery templates for a new sofa