Craft: Paint Finishing

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Michel is in charge of the painting department at the De La Espada factory. Twenty years working as a painter in the car industry, well-known for its demanding skill level and intensive R&D, gave him a deep understanding of his craft which he has built upon for the last ten years as part of our team. He oversees all painting, staining, and lacquering at our factory, and works closely with our product development team to devise new finishes. His expertise allows him to create finishes with colour precision that successfully balance lustre with durability. His eye for detail ensures that every piece is finished to a superior standard, and most of our gloss painted finishes are applied by him personally. 

Originally from France, Michel has lived in Portugal for over 17 years, and finds enjoyment in the favourable weather: walking, playing sports, and mountain biking. In summer, you’ll notice his bike resting among the pine trees in front of the factory; it’s his favourite way to travel.

Photo credit: Carlos Teixeira