Craft: Initial Plank Selection

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The very first stage of manufacture, the initial plank selection, plays a key role in De La Espada craft, requiring an expert eye and careful assessment. Eliseu and Elisabete work together, examining the raw boards to determine their structural integrity, removing any knots and cracks, and cutting them to the rough dimensions required for the week’s production.

While they work, they apply the De La Espada internal wood-grading system. All of our timber has an FAS grade (First and Seconds) which is the highest grade wood available, but we apply our own internal grading system as well, where we select which part of the product will be best served by the natural characteristics of the plank: cuts of wood with minor blemishes are reserved for undersides of products, while the most consistent planks are reserved for the most visible surfaces.

Our furniture can be particularly demanding for plank dimensions. For example, our McQueen Chests require exceptionally beautiful planks that are wide and tall enough to serve as the face of each drawer with no lamination, and our tabletops require wide, blemish-free planks with lengths up to 290cm.

The expertise of Eliseu and Elisabete ensures we maximise the performance and aesthetic beauty of our timber.

Photo credit: Carlos Teixeira