Craft: Final Assembly

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The De La Espada factory is filled with skilled craftspeople with varying expertise including 3D drawing, operating and programming CNC machinery, selecting timber, cabinetmaking and upholstery. It is in final assembly, in the capable hands of Jardel, where all stages of production come together to create the final piece.

After finishing and upholstery, products are passed on to Jardel for final assembly. Having worked in all areas of the factory, Jardel has a deep understanding of the craft of our products, allowing him to skilfully make final adjustments to pieces before they are sent to Quality Control. He is essentially the first stage of QC, as he meticulously checks the finishing, assembly, hardware, alignment, and all other details of a product, fine-tuning as he goes. With a great depth of knowledge, Jardel ensures strict De La Espada standards are met.

Photo credit: Carlos Teixeira