Craft: CNC Machining - Rui

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Rui has been an important part of our factory team for 25 years, working in various departments before becoming a CNC operator 15 years ago. He is the most prolific prototyper at our factory, and while he cites new-product development as the most challenging part of his job, it is also where he finds the most enjoyment. His perfectionism combined with his sharp understanding of carpentry and programming drive his excellence in this area.

Utilising the 5-axis single-tool-head CNC machine, Rui shapes large components and planar elements, acting as a link between the fabrication, pre-assembly and general assembly areas. When he receives prepared materials and pre-assemblies, he must determine the best starting point and order of operations to optimise the material’s beauty and structural integrity. He then alters the CAM programming accordingly before machining begins. His expertise ensures each component is machined to its full potential.

Photo credit: Carlos Teixeira