Craft: CNC Machining - Nelson

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Nelson is in charge of the 6-axis multi-tool-head CNC (Computerised Numerical Control) machine at the De La Espada factory. His work involves operating, programming the CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) that drives the machine’s movements, and overseeing the work of his team. The combination of a 3-tool head and a mobile split bed allows this CNC machine to efficiently create complex components with excellent precision, making it particularly well-suited to the manufacture of chairs and other intricate pieces with sculptural qualities.

After receiving timber parts cut to the approximate dimensions of the final component, Nelson assesses each, choosing which face of the plank should be most prominent. He alters the machine’s programming when necessary, changing the starting point or order of operations to optimise the performance and beauty of the plank. Applying expertise gained from his interior design education and years of hands-on experience, he ensures every component is machined to a high level of perfection made possible by the exactitude of the machine.

Taking advantage of his proximity to the Silver Coast, Nelson practises kite surfing, paddleboarding, and even a bit of seaside capoeira in his free time. Afterwards he likes to refuel with one of his favourite traditional meals, Portuguese stew.

Photo credit: Carlos Teixeira