Craft: CNC Machining - JC

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JC operates the 5-axis single-tool-head CNC machine at the De La Espada factory. This machine is used primarily for shaping large components and planar elements.

Upon receiving the prepared materials from the fabrication department, JC assesses each piece, determining the best starting point and order of operations to optimise its stability and performance. He then alters the programming of the CAM as required before machining. This must be done for each individual piece, many with complex curves and angles, which is a challenge JC is well-equipped to respond to effectively due to his 5 years’ experience on the CNC, and 12 years as part of our product development team. His fluency with carpentry and the technical aspects of the CNC allow him to achieve superior results every time.

He is also using his expertise to create a family home to his own specifications, from defining architectural details to designing and building his own furniture. Modern with oversized windows, the house is awash with the Portuguese sun, which sometimes beckons him outdoors for a game of football or a cycle with his family.

Photo credit: Carlos Teixeira