COVID-19 Weekly Update

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We want to thank our craftspeople for their outstanding work at a moment that is difficult for so many.

Due to their remarkable skill and work ethic, we have been able to decrease our standard manufacturing lead time to 4 weeks to the factory door, with additional time for transport and delivery.


At this time, when so much is uncertain, we want to reassure you that we are working to maintain the reliability of our service to you, whether that is to keep your interiors projects on schedule or to help you create your own cosy nest.

We are taking measures to ensure the health of our community, our clients, partners and employees, and are doing everything we can to prevent any disruption to your experience. We are available to support you, and welcome any questions you may have.


We have implemented all necessary measures to comply with the most recent national regulations in Portugal in terms of health and safety.

All members of our staff, apart from our craftspeople, are working remotely and being discouraged from travelling.

Our craftspeople continue their work at our factory. They are stationed well apart from one another to reduce contact, and their health is checked regularly. Any person who displays symptoms stays home. Our factory premises are closed to all but those strictly necessary to the running of our business, such as those delivering materials, goods and spare parts, and the health of all those who enter our facilities is checked.


With production of our furniture performed in-house, and good levels of stock of wood and packaging, we are able to continue to craft furniture at our usual pace.

Though schools in Portugal have closed, making it more difficult for some staff to come to work, we have adjusted by having more flexible working hours to offset any potential disruption to production.

Portugal has declared a “state of emergency” and new measures will be announced but we expect to be allowed to continue production.


We strongly recommend against the use of airfreight. Capacity is severely constrained so transit times will be unpredictable. Sea freight should be used for long distance shipments.

Courier services are currently unreliable for large items, though samples are going out as normal.


We are improving our product photography with a greater number of images of details, materials, and combinations not seen before, to reduce the need to see a product in a physical store. Please check our website product pages for the latest images.

Material Samples
We are increasing production of material samples to further communicate the reality of a product. Please contact us or your nearest retailer to receive these samples by post.

If you have any questions or if there is anything else we can do to help, please reach out to us by email at or DM us on Instagram at @delaespada