Steel chrome-plated

Our chrome finish consists of a welded steel frame plated with chrome. The steel frame provides a stable framework while the chrome plating creates a desirably shiny and smooth finish.

Care instructions

For regular cleaning, first remove dust with a feather duster or similar. Use Windex or similar spray cleaner, followed by a soft, lint free cloth. For superficial oxidisation and tarnishing, please use the following procedure: Apply a small amount (approximately one teaspoon) of Plaster of Paris to a soft clean cloth. Use the cloth to rub the plaster into the metal surface. Continue rubbing until all dirt and tarnish is removed. Wipe the excess with a soft clean cloth. If further cleaning is desired, a soft polishing cloth made specifically for Chrome may be used. Avoid using abrasive polishing cloths as they may damage the surface. NEVER use harsh abrasives, bleach or cream cleaners. The best protection against surface scratches is prevention.