Painted Fibreglass

Paint is applied evenly to our fibreglass followed by a clear gloss lacquer. This finish forms a water repellent protection against everyday wear and tear.

Care instructions

Always use a very clean or brand new microfibre cloth when dusting or cleaning the surface to prevent scratches. For daily maintenance, dust the surface using a microfibre cloth. Use a damp microfibre cloth for periodic cleaning. If desired, a mild soap heavily diluted with water may be used to clean. Do not use spirits, bleaches or any other chemical cleaners to clean the surface. Prevention is the best protection against surface scratches. Use mats and coasters with a soft, non-abrasive underside to protect the surface. Please ensure that direct contact with hot objects is avoided by using table mats. Avoid spillages and do not use any corrosive products such as bleach anywhere near the product. Any spillages should be wiped clean immediately.

To remove surface marks, use the following procedure. Dust and clean the surface with a microfibre cloth to remove any dust particles which can otherwise cause scratches during the polishing process. Next, use a microfibre cloth and a fine car machine polish and polish the surface following the manufacturers instructions.