Harald 3

PLEASE NOTE: Harald is suspended in the UK until further notice.

Harald is a closely-woven, short-pile velour with a luxuriously soft texture and rich colour. Designed by Raf Simons and Fanny Aronsen, Harald is made from 100% cotton, and is extremely hardwearing at 100,000 rubs Martindale.

Care instructions

Velvet is a very special fabric with a deep, luxurious pile. Due to its special nature, it behaves differently from other textiles, and requires specific and regular care.

Though our velvet is extremely hardwearing, the nap will change over time, particularly in frequently used areas such as seats and armrests. This is a beautiful part of the character of the material. To best maintain the pile, we recommend weekly brushing and/or vaccuuming. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight as this may cause the fabric to fade.

At time of delivery, it is common for velvet products to arrive with pressure marks and lines from packing. As the fabric adjusts to its new environment, these marks may gradually disappear, particularly in more humid conditions. Steaming, vacuuming, and brushing are other ways to remove such marks. We recommend using a brush that is specifically intended for use on velvet, and which has fine-combed anodised aluminium bristles. If vacuuming, be sure to use an upholstery attachment and a low suction setting to gently lift the pile without damaging it.

Stains - act quickly. First, remove the worst with a spoon, or in the case of liquid, absorb with a white cloth. Any loose dry particles must be vacuum cleaned before further cleaning. Remove non-greasy stains by dabbing gently with a damp lintfree cloth or sponge. Edge marks can be avoided by dabbing gently in circular motions towards the centre of the stain. Make sure to dry the fabric fully before use. It may also be necessary to use a hairdryer on a low temperature setting to avoid leaving edge marks. 

For more engrained stains and for occasional rejuvenation, we recommend professional dry cleaning.

Download further information on Velvet Care here.