Brass Polished

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, with an attractive gold-like colour. It has been used for centuries for decorative items and musical instruments. We coat our brass with Renaissance Wax which provides a barrier to slow ageing and oxidisation, while maintaining a natural appearance.

Care instructions

Brass has a tendency to oxidise when exposed to air or direct contact with skin. Our brass is coated with Renaissance Wax to slow the oxidisation process. To maintain the wax barrier over time, we recommend occasionally reapplying Renaissance Wax following the manufacturer’s instructions. The patina that develops as a result of oxidisation is a natural and beautiful part of the life of the brass product and does not require polishing. If however if you prefer to remove the patina, it is important to regularly clean the brass using a brass polish such as Brasso, and to clean the entire surface at once. After cleaning, use a non-aggressive, multipurpose cleaning solvent to degrease the product such as CT1 Multi-Solve, applied with a clean soft cloth. Once the brass has been cleaned, reapply Renaissance Wax to the entire surface, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Do NOT use abrasives, ammonia, products containing ammonia, or any other corrosive cleaning solutions as this can damage the brass. Prevention is the best protection against surface scratches.