Aluminium Polished

Our aluminium is hand polished for several hours to achieve the rich surface, and as is the nature of a hand-finished product, each piece will feature slight variations. Polished aluminum is non-corrosive. There is no coating our hand polished aluminium, and it will begin to patina immediately upon use.

Care instructions

For regular cleaning, first remove dust with a feather duster or similar. Use Windex or similar spray cleaner, with or without bleach followed by a soft, lint free cloth. Rinse with hot water. Any spillages should be wiped clean immediately.

Prevention is the best protection against surface scratches. Use mats and coasters to protect the surface. To remove light scratches or patina, use 3M Perfect It III Machine polish with non-abrasive buffing pads (such as 3M Perfect It III Blue High Gloss Polishing Pad), rubbing in a circular pattern. This polish is available at most hardware stores. Wipe clean with a soft, lint free cloth.

Do NOT use stainless steel cleaner on any aluminium furniture. Do NOT use abrasive cleaners, pads or brushes on hand polished aluminium.