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De La Espada uses noble materials that tell a story. Our premium materials imbue each product with a luxurious feel and outstanding performance.

We use hardwood from sustainable farms. The trees on the farms are pruned regularly to allow for consistent grain patterns and fewer knots, ensuring exceptionally strong planks of the highest quality. The timber we use has an FAS grade “First and Seconds” which is the highest grade wood available. This grade is the mark of planks that are long and clear with a width of at least 15cm and a length of over 244cm. So valuable are these planks, also referred to as “veneer grade” that they are usually reserved for making veneers only millimetres thick, so as to get the maximum usage out of each.

American Black Walnut
This is a prized hardwood primarily grown in the Midwestern United States, with a rich dark heartwood. The grain patterns are luxuriously figurative and the strength and durability superb. The walnut tree is relatively small, and the dark heartwood is surrounded by sap wood that is blond in colour. While many manufacturers use stains to even out the colour of walnut, we stay well away from stains, working with the heartwood only. Our Danish oil finish naturally deepens the colour of the walnut to a rich chocolate brown.

American White Oak
Oak has long been used in furniture due to its great density, outstanding durability and simple, understated beauty. Primarily found in the Eastern United States, white oak trees tend to grow in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Its durability is compounded by the fact that it contains tannin acid, which naturally prevents rotting. Our white oil finish preserves the pale beauty of this timber while whitening the grain, while our Danish oil finish naturally deepens the colour to a honey brown.

European Ash
European Ash is a hardwood that has long been prized by cabinetmakers due to its versatility and simple beauty. This dense timber has a coarse yet even texture, compressive strength, and an appealing straight grain. Iit varies in colour from a cream to pale tan colour and accepts stains and coatings more readily than other timbers.

Solid wood is a living, breathing material that continues to expand and contract in response to its environment. This can limit its functionality as a planar material, particularly where the necessary cross braces would hinder the designer's vision. Engineered solid wood harnesses the beauty and strength of solid wood, while increasing the design possibilities when used as a planar material. This material is made of 4mm thick planks of a single timber, cross-banded with alternating grain directions. Essentially a reconstruction of a plank of solid wood, it has a renewable surface and consistent appearance even with rounded edges, while the laminating of planks provides greater stability in planar applications. We use this type of ply for designs including Light Table from the Matthew Hilton range, where the sleek lines of the tabletop would be undermined by traditional wood bracing.

Our painted metal is powder-coated. A dry coating of coloured powder is applied to the metal using static electricity. It is then cured under heat until an even, glossy surface is achieved. The result is a very hard, durable surface with an appealing, even colour.

Our luxurious fabrics are chosen for their superior performance and abrasion resistance.

Cork is a natural material made from cork oak bark. Our cork is reconstituted, allowing for complex forms and varying thicknesses. Cork is light, durable, and has a pleasantly soft feel.