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Neri&Hu Design and Research Office, is an inter-disciplinary award-winning architectural design practice based in Shanghai, China. Founded by Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, Neri&Hu works internationally providing architecture, interior, master planning, graphic, and product design services.

Neri&Hu’s own product line, 'neri&hu', represents a different aesthetic that is rooted in cultural provocation. With an intention to question the potential in “Chinese design”, neri&hu seeks to alternatives to the normative. neri&hu is the reinterpretation of the beauty in the raw material, changing perceptions through what is revealed, examining history and its path, or capturing an ordinary scene in a snapshot.

We’re designing it in China and having it made in Portugal. Why? Because it’s really just the best craft we’ve seen so far. What we’re saying is that China needs to step out there and show the world that we can also design and create,” Neri&Hu.

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Manuel Aires Mateus is an award-winning Lisbon-based architect whose projects explore the roles of memory and knowledge combined with the relationship between the physical and cultural worlds. His work seeks to reflect every scale of our lives and searches for the enduring state of shape and materiality.

With an emphasis on function and the sensory response, his collection for De La Espada reflects a universal heritage that is fixed without time or place. Utilising astonishingly proportioned planks of Douglas Fir timber, the furniture is designed to be passed from generation to generation, earning the value of time and marks of memories past.

Our central point in all of the projects is the way that people are going to live. It’s always about this idea of how people could feel in these spaces more than, let’s say, image. So it’s also the way you touch, the colour, the smell, the memories that you can achieve and the common memories that we all have about this material,” Manuel Aires Mateus.

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Luca Nichetto is an acclaimed Italian designer with offices in Venice and Stockholm. Working across architecture, interiors and product design, his work is informed by his collaborative approach to design and deep respect for craft across all disciplines. Luca Nichetto has served as art director for international design events and has been awarded numerous international prizes. Today, the designer collaborates with a wide variety of leading Italian and international companies. 

For his furniture line, ‘Nichetto’, he creates products with personality, distinction and versatility for residential and contract interiors. The pioneering yet classical forms highlight the unique characteristics of the premium materials and superior craft.  De La Espada crafts each product to the highest standard at their own production facility in Northern Portugal.

"My idea was really simple, to work really deeply with details and the handcrafted quality of what De La Espada do," Luca Nichetto.

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Matthew Hilton is an esteemed British designer whose eponymous product line expresses the technical knowledge and clarity of vision gained over three decades in the industry. Utilising robust materials that improve with the mark of age, Matthew Hilton creates timelessly beautiful, exceedingly functional products that are rigorously engineered. Every view of a design is valued equally, every aspect carefully considered, allowing for a sense of appreciation over time as new details are discovered.

If you live with something, you might pick it up and look at the bottom. So the bottom of it is equally important. Every aspect is important because it is something that is going to stay in your life,” Matthew Hilton.

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Jason Miller is an acclaimed American industrial designer based in Brooklyn, New York, where he runs both Jason Miller Studio and high-end contemporary lighting brand Roll & Hill. Miller creates lighting, furniture, accessories and interiors inspired by contemporary American culture, elevating the everyday though rich materials and reimagined forms.

Born in New York and raised in Darien, Connecticut, Jason’s suburban upbringing heavily influenced his early, more conceptual pieces, and continues to inform the elegant, historically rich work that has become his signature.

Jason Miller's product line harnesses De La Espada’s woodworking expertise, for intricately detailed furniture that transcends time, in forms that capture the sumptuous qualities of a traditional American aesthetic in a more modern design language.

I try to design things that the designers I admire will like ... but also things my mother would want to have in her home. I think this is possible,” Jason Miller.

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Ilse Crawford heads design company Studioilse alongside her brand consultancy. A figurehead for design that puts the human being at the centre, she has a definitive approach to creating charismatic and long-lasting brands. Fascinated by what drives us, brings us together and ultimately makes us feel alive, Studioilse manifests this through brands, buildings, furniture and products. The portfolio includes award winning projects: Mathias Dahlgren restaurant, the Inn brand, Soho House New York and Wastberg lighting.

'Crawford doesn’t have a signature style, but a signature feeling: emotional and deeply rooted to the place,' The New York Times.

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Internationally renowned, Istanbul-based multidisciplinary design studio, Autoban was founded in 2003 by Seyhan Özdemir and Sefer Çağlar, and later joined by Efe Aydar. Now employing 35 staff, Autoban works across architecture and interiors, product and experiential design.

With a portfolio that includes transportation, commercial, retail, and office developments, their work is typified by familiar forms and materials repurposed in vital, contemporary ways. Their work has redefined Istanbul’s cityscape, including numerous hospitality, retail, residential and public realm developments, and is now also found in London, Madrid, Hong Kong, Moscow and China, as well as Azerbaijan.

Autoban furniture and lighting developed as a rational extension to their interior work. Highly influenced by nature, the rituals of daily life and the diversity of Istanbul, Autoban playfully reinterpret the familiar through modern forms and contrasting materials.

Select products from the Autoban portfolio are manufactured by De La Espada craftspeople.

'It´s not an overstatement to say they´re Turkey´s foremost arbiters of taste,' Wallpaper* Magazine.

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